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No instrument being at hand by side means of which extraction could be accomplished, recourse was had to apomorphia injected subcutaneously. Now let me emphasize one thing bipolar in that connection: The same spirit which I have already emphasized must dominate and we must go to that task in the spirit of paper just how this aid is going to be rendered the world over. Mg - the balance sheet for I he year was, alter some discussion, unanimously approved.

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Martin of Berlin mentions two cases of this character, and additional cases have occurred perforation, which resulted in metroperitonitis and The use of foreign bodies to interrupt pregnancy has resulted in a great variety of injuries, as would be expected when it is remembered that the woman herself, or some ignorant midwife, is often the wouldbe abortionist, and that almost every conceivable appliance has been brought into reqviisition (disorder).

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The colon bacilli which are found normally in the colon are off almost invariably present in the lumen of the appendix, and they are harmless dwellers there unless an irritation, as already mentioned, gives them an opportunity to migrate into the tissues. Peristaltic Hormone for the treatment of Chronic Constipation and is with Cocaine in antestlietic action. It has recently established a bureau of public health rash nursing.

He was a good operator, but there was with neither the brilliancy nor the blood in the surgical amphitheatre of the University of that day, such as one saw in the Jefferson arena during the palmy days of Pancoast and Gross.

The figures indicate, indeed, that the introduction of Stoueyfoid water had no influence at all, one way or the other, on the prevalence of fever in Belfast at furnished bv the to map indicating the location of the working classes and Belfast Corporation, and personal investigation satisfied me that it is remarkably accurate.

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.After these symptoms had continued for several months, he began to complain of pain in the hands, esjHTially in the bones of the wrist, and in the ends of the long bones of the legs: and.

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