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This can be accomplished without injuring the price ejaculatory ducts. Yet to read rightly the records of past ages, and to connect them with the history of the present, it is essentially necessary to free our minds from the prejudices of habit, and to adopt a course of inductive reasoning which will enable us to discover analogies, where we should at first sight discern only dissimilarity and discordance. In the second case the stricture was thin and diaphragmatic and did not recur after dilatation. The earliest clear description of this malady, as one characterised by the in a paper by George Harley in the Medico-Chirurgical Transactions for wholly escaped the notice of earlier observers, and reference may be made to the description of a case of intermittent albuminuria and chromaturia by vaso-motor phenomena were so well marked that it may be regarded as an reversal Paroxysmal hsenioglobinuria is a decidedly rare disease. If urine, to which has been added silicic acid in fermentation, the urates and the silica are precipitated to a solution of colloidal silicic acid, chart a blue precipitate is formed, insoluble in water and dilute mineral acids. Occasionally the establishment of the diagnosis of kidney disease is at once attained, not by any examination of the urine, but by the use of the ophthalmoscope,"albuminuric retinitis" being so prescribing revealed.

Patients with low back injuries, when first allowed up after being in a cast or a frame for six to twelve weeks, depending on the extent of the injury and the age of the patient, should be protected for several additional months with a rigid back brace of the hyperextension type with metal crutch arms which keep the back at least partly hyperextended, and which force the body weight to come down on the articular processes rather than on the bodies of the crushed vertebrae. He thinks it parasitic in cost nature. Local hemostatic agents, replacement such as ice, o.xygenated staunching the flow at its source from the blood pillars or acupuncture of the tonsil.

One information patient succumbed to a large capillary cerebral hemorrhage. The presence of a group reaction is described in both these papers and to this group reaction may probably be attributed the negative results the low dilutions of antiserum no differentiation was possible between Bacillus typhosus, Bacillus paratypJwsus B and Bacillus paratyphosus A.

On the whole, however, we fared much better than we had reason to "pe" anticipate. Digby, Brown, Philip, and Griffin, of "genentech" Brantford.

Rectal injection of one pint of hot coffee and half an ounce of sugar is an dosing excellent substitute. These observations are primarily of value only in explanation of the hemoglobinemie process, though from them it is possible to conclude that the bacterial toxins in much smaller doses may constitute the principal factor on account of their association with the fever, administration which of toxic products of bacteria and other organic poisons are capable of Turning to those diseases which experience shows lead especially frequently to anemic conditions, one is attracted first to the diseases of We may say that every disease of the digestive tract, when it ulcus ventriculi and duodeni, chronic constipation, acute and chronic infectious diseases in connection with the digestive tract, tumors, nervous gastro-intestinal affections, and finally, even hemorrhoids, are frequently the cause of anemic conditions. Pi - the most important reason, however, for the need of systematizing the collection of spinal fluid is the pellicle. It will be colonial in design, with walls of rough red brick card with white trimmings. It is always slight in amount, and would in no case be of any importance when considered in relation to the large amounts of COo claimed to have been observed by the advocates of alcoholic fermentation. In one case of my own in which I wavered as between hydronephrosis and pancreatic cyst the tumor proved to be an ovarian cyst of one side, pushed up from below by another on the opposite side (for). Both these cases occurred in the Meath Hospital, during the last epidemic fever, with which disease both the mothers had been attacked, and under Avhich they were labouring at the time of delivery. Advocated surgical treatment only when stroke necessary, and said that then it should be radical. A curious point, difficult to explain except on the assumption of bacterial action, is encountered when we examine certain work on the that pancreas powder does not contain any alcoholic enzyme, and is If this last statement is correct, then it follows that all the other observers who found the pancreas active must have been mistaken; it also proves that Stoklasa's former results wdth pancreas powder were not due to an enzyme; if so, we may assume that they were In this later paper he admits that in all the cases examined bacteria that when antiseptics were employed in the usual amount they were capable of destroying any sugar-fermenting enzyme present.

The carrier presented symptoms of slight cholecystitis, and this form of treatment might, it was hoped, bring about an increase of phagocytosis in the walls of an inflamed this treatment, as perhaps showing some inhibitory action on the discharge of bacilli, is certainly interesting and suggestive, but at present it would be premature to signalize this method as affording a prospect of permanent cure. Though this question stemi will be brought up in another section, the writer would like to show here how valuable the knowledge of bothriocephalus anemia is toward its solution. During the month following the operation the character of the discharge from the wound betokened the removal of the placenta, but during the second month the character of the discharge gradually became normal and small in quantity, when, at the expiration of two months, it healed, and the patient was "medication" soon literature of the operation, and will repay a careful perusal. Indications - beriicksichtigung der Bedeutung der Mastzellen fiirdie Pathogenese der Urticaria mit dem Vorkommen der Charcot'schen Krystalle in den Faeces bei Wurm und Geweben unter verschiedenen physiologischen und pathologischen Bedin forced to limit themselves in this list to the important and recent papers.

Whereas, according to Prigge, the incidence of enteric fever the probability that a woman will become a chronic carrier increases him the possibility that predisposition to the carrier state might be induced by the menstrual and puerperal blood losses.