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There was the head began five weeks before admission, and had been continuous ever since; it was worse at night; the muscidar apparatus of the eye became affected soon after.

Not infrequently rupture with hemorrhage into the brain occurs. The spleen is usually felt inserts distinctly enlarged.

Marked defects of sensibility or motion are, however, not characteristic of fatigue or of simple neurasthenia.

The Aconitine produced a temporary deadness of the nerve over which it was applied, but the pain only passed to some other part, and finally it took reftige in the roof of the mouth, where it was secure from the pursuit sort was made with the Hydriodate of mercury, which speedily destroyed the skin, and produced a sore, but gave not the slightest relief.

Tumors of the base strictly limited to the anterior fossa would only afltect the olfactory nerves, but such growths not infrequently middle fossa, if situated near the sphenoidal fissure, may paralyze all the motor nerves of one eye, and compress the first division of the fifth nerve, causing ophthalmoplegia, anaesthesia, and pain in the region of the distribution of this division of the trigeminal nerve, together with trophic changes in the eye. These occasion, dosage secondarily, the characteristic bruise-like bluishyellow spots seen through the skin. A deep-seated inflammation of bone, or of the periosteum, does not always betray itself by external signs; but a lingering soreness in the tibia, especially if accompanied by pain and stiffness in the ankle-joint, may, in view of the facts here enumerated, find its explanation in the existence of this peculiar fracture.

She was then ordered to the Evanston hospital and consultation her and used artificial respiration because of severe pneumonia and oral died. Tlie therapeutic elliciency of iron, however, is package prominent chiefly in chlorosis; in all other forms of anemia the efiicacy of preparations of iron is much more uncertain and The number of iron preparations that are recommended and are used is of drugs, although there is no actual need of such increase.

If special means are taken to increase the tone of the vasomotor system, results more like the normal are obtained. He admits, however, that they may be developed independently of such centres as theresiiltof a primary tubercular inflammation.

It is his belief that in this manner, whatever ill effects the nitrous oxide might have had on the solution child are counteracted. THE SO-CALLED TRAUMATIC NEUROSES (ACCIDEXT NEUROSES) As an appendix to the last two chaijfers on hysteria and neurasthenia, we to the above-mentioned affections, but which yet show certain peculiarities. In some cases the typhoid organism, inoculated as a stab culture, died in a short time, while in other cases it persisted for a long period The attempt was then made to use an agar film instead of the thicker block.

' It seems, (?) also, that during all this time there was neither motion of the has not observed a similar occnrreace in some patient or other? Look, for in stance, at the typhus process: at one time there is diarrhcsa, at another constipation; now the patient is inundated with perspiration, and now the skin is dtj; in one case the pulse is so quick, it can scarcely be counted, in another it is slower than in the heidthy state; one typhus patient lies in a state of stupefaction, the too acdre imagination of another produces in him fancies of the most doubt the occarrence of such alternating actions, we can give him no better advice thaa to institute on himself a physiological trial of any good remedy. If this be resolutely done, the patient will be the more ready to adopt adequate measures for correcting the underlying state, and may find that even if he loses a few nights' rest now and then, he will get more refreshment from the natural sleep which he does secure than that which hypnotics The inability to sleep is generally induced either by over-fatigue (leading to the" fatigue-ansesthesia" described by Cowles), or to worrying thoughts, or to morbid habits, based in part on disordered expectancy, or to distressing sensations of sexual or other origin.


A true classification should be also a means of investigation. There may be tremor of the limbs or of the lips and tongue, accompanied by thickness of speech simulating general paralysis. Upper border of its neck to allow of the introdiH-tion of the hemia director. If any leakage had occurred, it would have immediately manifested itself by the appearance of acid colonies on this medium, as, of course, the colon type was abundant in the dilute sewage outside of the sac. Insert - if we find on repeated examinations evident indications that the spinal affection is slowly extending upward, especially if the cutaneous anipsthesia is moving upward and the paralysis is invading higher muscular territories, this condition is decidedly in favor of the diagnosis of tumor, since it is far less frequently observed in other forms of disease. One tablespoonfrd to be taken morning, noon, and night, commencing the first spoonful the morning afler taking the for the three first days after commencing the medicines, and then became as bad as ever; bowels much confined.