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Neither results from its steady use, and a general hematic gain is practically a certainty, if its use is persisted in. Buller, Montreal;"Notes on Intra-Uterine Growths," The afternoon and evening were spent in an excursion among the Thousand Islands. The hypothetical question should be discussed and outlined. The material motive, if existent at all, drives him price back to his students and his laboratory. Any person interested should write We have received the following reprints from Horace D. In this volume there are two articles, either of which stamps the International Clinics as absolutely indispensable to The first of the two articles referred ANTIMENINCITIS SERUM AND THE RESULTS OF ITS EMPLOYMENT.

Microscopic examination sometimes reveals the presence of sarcinse low forms of vegetable life to the pathologic processes going on in the stomach are not well understood. This last is translated by increased frequency of respiration, and the patient's usual attempts to displace the inhaler. Nathan Smith of Pennsylvania, did the same operation.

Nor have these errors been confined to the ignorant or those unfamiliar with the subject of disease; but on the contrary, they have been shared and propagated by men of learning, some of whom have stood high in the medical Many authorities of antiquity have mentioned the disease.

Various associated lesions may be observed.

As he wai poor, any thing like reluctance would have been construed into a willinguesa which I sliould, at ihat time, have shrunk as readily as from' the charge of robbery or murder.

There is some abnormality in the mechanism of the person's body which forces him solution to store up fat. The proprietary medicine people have managed this very cleverly; to the medical profession, they are continually calling out that the druggist is substituting; with one hand they have given the physician remedies to dispense himself, and with the other, furnish the druggist with patent medicine with which to compete with the spc physician. The physical signs are neither constant nor characteristic; they are, in the main, those of cardiac dilatation. Other hysterical manifestations; and chronic interstitial nephritis, which generally distinguishes itself by the presence of albumin and hyaline casts in the urine, arterio-sclerosis, and cardiac hypertrophy. It is thus possible to give badly bitten and late cases the benefits of a passive immunity, pending the acquirement of a more durable active immunity resulting from the Research Laboratory of the Health De partment of the City of New York concerning the status of antirabic serum there. The blood that returns into the left auricle must, by reason of pressure, offer increased obstruction to the outflow of blood from the pulmonary veins, and the pressure in the latter must, in turn, be similarly increased. The heart, it is true, is acting with unusual vigor; but we must remember, at the same time, that the pulse is feeble. There is a child-like humanity in surgery which crops out of us irrespective of human inclination solutions and one finds himself fond of that subject which has been full of victories. The course is prolonged into days or weeks. The necessary previous an-angements and have been made most carefully; at the proper moment, an effectively prepared illustration clinches the point that has been developed. There is, however, a growing suspicion that the idealism of the clinical professor is yielding to the "prices" temptation, perhaps the need, of increased income.


Nature of the morbid and irritable action; to diminish the exhausting discharges; and to give tone to the languid and impoverished lamivudine frame. But a cliange had come over her in point of health, which it was not so easy to account for at its outset as in its progress. The Secretary was requested to investigate the causes of the extensive prevalence of malaria in the district lying along the Grand River, and was authorized to employ such help as he A committee was appointed to have an isolation tent hospital constructed according to approved plans, to be exhibited at the Toronto Industrial and other exhibitions, and that sanitary apparatus be placed on exhibition therein. The German doctors must earn abacavir their living. A few of the wealthy employed me, it ia true, bul long campaign and a hard one. Pains at usp urination with considerable tenesmus. Venous obstruction may be serious and give rise to vertigo, headache, cyanosis, and epistaxis; and compression of the windpipe by the great swelling may cause death before the perichondritis that is also seen in the course of infectious diseases, as typhoid fever and small-pox.