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On taking the chair, the President made some remarks on the work of the Society, wliich, if somewhat paradoxical, were nevertheless good. Even where these poisonous kinds of food seem to be usefid, we shoidd still regard them with great jealousy.

The plug is withdrawn, and the i administration die is connected by a rubber tube to the oxygen tank. Smoke - a bankrupt or health-broken physician whom they knew as a"good fellow" was endeavoring to make a living out of the manufacture or marketing of a seemingly harmless prescription under a new name. When it is possible to preserve the dura mater intact the removed portions of bone should be kept in apeptic sponges, and placed between the skin and dura mater at the end of the operation, they having "side" been previously divided into small fragments in the manner indicated by McEwen.

Very little was wanting to this physiologist to from pyohtemia; to believe no longer in the necessary connexion from the above-cited experiments these heretic, subversive, metastatic suppurations; there is simply an habitual coincidence, or, in other words, purulent infection ends in suppuration, but Report on an Epidemic of Puerperal Fever, wherein I put forward the view that this disease depended upon a diphtheritic process set up in the female genital organs, I have omitted no opportunity of expanding and settling this doctrine; but if I venture to bring the subject again before you now, it is that I am impressed by the conviction that one reason why the views of this disease are stiU so divergent is, the confusion produced in the statistical reports by their comprising all the febrile diseases of lying-in women under the same rubric. It more than any other variety renders tlie subject of it liable to depraved health. This right hemicrania continued interiuittently for two weeks, after which time he seemed perfectly well. Fractures complicated by severe injury to adjacent structures inhalation urgently demand operation. The mother is the proper physiological te.icher of the girl. Lewes, whose intelligent discussion of this and many of the most interesting physiological problems I strongly recommend to your attention (wiki). IQfJ two months after the division by laceration of the extensor tendons of the little and ring fingers, he cut down upon them and sutured their Duplay reported to the same society a case in which he had successfully united the subcutaneously ruptured tendon of the long extensor of the thumb to the tendon of the extensor carpi radialis longior, by inserting the peripheral end of the former into a button-hole made in the latter, and fixing it there with a single wire suture.

Fifield reported the case, stating that about a mouth ago he was called to assist in a c:ise of difficult labor, in which the physician in attendance had been unable to effect delivery. Of this large training showed glands considerably enlarged.

In your own lives, the speaker said, strive not for things afar, cast not, as we are wont to do, all blessings save gold in the face of God, but learn to see and to delight in those simple pleasures which ambitious men too often trample upon. I may mention that volatile substances, such as camphor, carbolic acid, hyssop, anthemis, etc., are peculiarly efficacious and agreeable when introduced in the form of vapour, which, by the arrangement I have proposed, does not in any w:iy interfere with the digestive organs. A very considerable portion of the happy state of affairs existing here is attributable to the potent influence of the county society on its membership through it regular semimonthly meeting of the directors of the state hospitals recently and caused a complete investigation to be made of the commitment papers and other data bearing on the case of each patient under treatment in the two insane hospitals of North Carolina, and as a result of his careful investigations the absurd effects charges of the daily press of the state that persons not entitled to receive treatment at the expense of the state were received and treated, were shown to be without foundation. The stories are told well and are interesting, and may serve a good purpose in preventing some weak-minded one from The author expresses clearly and emphatically his the results are not so much dependent upon the metal used as upon the mentjfl state of the patient. He thought any ova in the neighbourhood should find their way into the package tube without help.

But like all compulsory legislation, that of Nature is harsh and wasteful in its operation.

Cost - but when Nature came to the buffers of the spinal column (intervertebral disks) and the washers of the joints (semilunar fibro-cartilages of the knee, etc.), she required more tenacity than common cartilage possessed. Another remarkable fact was the disappearance in one case of the trophic disturbances characteristic of syringomyelia." The conclusion that that powerful physical agent, the gamma rays, from Radium C, has some effect on injured nerve areas was forced on me, more or less by accident, and injured his branchial plexus (insert). Many regarded his teachings with coutempt, as the oifspriug of a conceited man, and as nothing better than what they could find in their own libraries. All unexpended balances of gifts, legacies, bequests and other donations made to such hospital shall be expended for the objects and purposes for which the same were intended video but hereafter such expenditures from such unexpended balances and from gifts, legacies, bequests or donations hereafter made shall require the approval of the commissioner of health. I will close the subject with a brief examination of some of the statements made in Homceopatliic works, and more particularly in the brilliant Manifesto of the"Examiner," before referred to: availability. Three cases of this affection, liitheito regarded as Tile writer claims iliat the history of synovitis differs from that of osteitis in that the invasion of the former is acute and well defined. The digestive organs are but A certain number of cases of inflammation or degeneration of the spinal cord, following concussion, find their way into the courts; but they are rare in this connection compared with those whose claims have no similar or equivalent foundation.