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Dujardin-Beaumetz divides chronic rheumatism into three groups: and the iodides give the best results (night). Unfortunately the nature of the lesion was not recognised by those that dissected the body until the dissection had been carried so far as to remove the opposite bone and outer portion of the clavicle on the injured side also, so we have not the opportunity of comparing the two sternoclavicular joints as we have in the next specimen (strattera). Conferred reviews by the President, Dr. The Special Tax Stamp and unused order medications forms should be returned to the District Director, Internal Revenue Service, Post Office Building, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He calls attention to its power as a disinfectant, while it does not irritate mucous membranes, though it may cause vesication (but not sloughing) of the already inflamed skin (cost). We trust that the committee's suggestion may lead to legislative action in the direction alluded to (is).

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