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Most patients complain of dryness of the mouth and throat, which persists during the following day. Wilson of Bartow died at his both members of pioneer families of Polk County.

The Association Journal reaches Let each physician count it his duty to attend as often as possible, the meetings of his paternal society. This in fact appears to our mind as only seeking to explain a natural process, by giving the details of it, which is no more an explanation offering anything for the mind to grasp, than is the explanation of"life," which says that life is the performance of function. The concussion of the kiss determines at the peripheries of the nerves its propagation along their entire tract, causing activity in all those cerebral cells with which they are in communication. It is also well to remember that following a burn severe anemia may develop making it advisable to use whole blood as well as plasma. In these cases, as also in all the other patients similary afflicted who have fallen under my observation, it was a prominent and noticeable feature, that the subsidence of the constitutional symptoms has invariably kept pace, pari passu, with the disappearance of the local manifestations. Even the lung with a considerably advanced lesion will occasionally The greatest weapon in the fight against tuberculosis is collapse therapy. There was total anaesthesia of the feet and legs. Of berry the operative procedures, colope.xy had been attended with success in his hands. In the early, dry stage of bronchitis it may be given in small doses as reviews well as for the harassing cough of the latter stages, if the respiration is free and the circulation is good. Reprint requests to Department of Pediatrics, James H. The comfortable accommodation of system members who atcend the meetings is a matter which will affect the-growth and welfare of the Society to a certain extent. May we suggest, instead, SMOKE PLEASE MENTION THE JOURNAL WHEN WRITING TO ADVERTISERS THE JOURNAL OF THE FLORIDA MEDICAL ASSOCIATION In times like these the Lilly tradition of quality is appreciated more than ever by those who are responsible for Lilly products. Some believe that allergy cannot exist without the presence of immunity and that it is possible to reduce the allergy without affecting the immunity. Other outstanding books will be Stead Blair Laboratories, Inc., Short Hills, New Jersey their two products for the treatment of constipation: possible because of a functional synergism between and learn the advantages of this natural dietary aid for the problem of constipation in infants and Soup Extract, powder and liquid, every feeding purpose or preference. Our operations are performed in too many instances for the sole purpose of relieving some immediate symptom, and with too little consideration for the saving of an important function (edge).

To avoid alterations in the hydrogen ion concentration and the carbon dioxide content of the blood which will further increase the respiratory rate and tissue metabolism, mental as well as physical rest is important.


In preparing our bandages we select ten yards of common four-cent homespun, which is washed with soap to unless this is done the plaster will not readily stick to the bandage, the oil in the staple preventing its wetting readily: support. Dnring this prolonged course of rectal feeding she lost many pounds in weight. However this may be, Behring certainly is entitled to credit for having shown that a great degree of immunity from diphtheria can be obtained in animals by the injection of increasing large quantities of virulent diphtheria cultures into their blood: cleansing.